Wedding Planner To-Do Timeline

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12 to 24 Months Before:

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~ Set a wedding date.

~Arrange a visit with the clergy member, justice of the peace or judge to discuss the ceremony.

~ Consider whether you’ll need the services of a professional wedding consultant.

~Discuss a budget with each other and with parents; discuss wedding style; set a budget.

~Determine ceremony and reception sites.

~Interview photographer and/or videographer. Go visit their studio and review their work. Set up consultation time to discuss your wedding photography style and needs with Jeri Schwartz Wedding Photographer @717-437-1168 or text me. Phone 717.437.1168 or text me.

~Select the wedding party

~Interview caterers. Request information packages,which should include menus, prices lists and services available.

~Select the color scheme and theme of the wedding.

~Select the color and style of the wedding party’s attire. Order bridal attire and attendant’s gowns as soon as a final decision has been reached.

~Check a passports, arrange to acquire visas (if necessary) and birth certificates.

~Discuss honeymoon plans. Consult travel agents or the Internet for ideas. After a decision has been reached, check on weather inoculations is needed.

~Determine the number of guests to be invited to the ceremony and reception. Begin development of a guest list.

~Attend a bridal shows.

~Determine what record-keeping system you’ll use for invitations, gifts,thank-you notes, etc.

6 to 12 Months Before:

~ Order wedding rings and any special engravings.

~ Finalize caterer and reception arrangements.

~Select an attire rental shop for the groom, groomsmen and fathers.

~Confirm delivery of attire and schedule fittings. Purchase shoes and accessories.

~Have mothers select their attire. (Alert both mothers regarding color scheme and style of bridesmaid’ appeal.

~Interview and book a florist. Choose style and type of floral arrangements,bride’s bouquet, and boutonnieres for men and corsages for mothers.

~Register at your favorite department and specialty stores.

~Reserve a suite for wedding night.

~Finalize honeymoon plans.

~Have your engagement photo taken.

~Determine where you will be living after the wedding. Start shopping for home furnishing, if necessary.

~Interview and select DJ or band for the reception. Select music.

~Finalize photographer and/or videographer. Make sure your wedding photography style and needs are met. You are with the photographer all day. Jeri Young Wedding Photographer @ 717-437-1168 or text me. Ask questions and concerns. Discuss a photography time line (from getting ready images to telling your guests goodnight). All the day’s memories will capture in your wedding album forever. This is your wedding day story, make it perfect!

~Meet with the organist to select the music for your ceremony.

~ If you’re planning to place your engagement photo and announcement in the Patriot-News, forms are available at any of the offices. Or call 717.255.8414, 717.255.8119 or 1.800.692.7207. Forms also can bedownloaded at

~Start talking about your prenuptial agreement. This should not be a last minute negotiation. Each partner should consider hiring independent legal counsel.

3 to 6 Months Before:

~ Finalize the guest list.

~Order stationery, invitations or announcements, thank-you notes, programs,seating cards and any other printed items.

~Address invitations.

~Finalize ceremony arrangements with officiating authority.

~Select menu for reception and finalize catering arrangement.

~Order a wedding cake.

~Reserve any required rental items for reception and/or ceremony.

~Discuss and schedule the rehearsal dinner.

~Purchase gifts for each other and the bridal party.

~Order party favors, room decoration, guest book, ring pillow, cake knife, etc.

~Order flowers

~ If your wedding ceremony will be in your home, make a list of repairs that might need to be completed and schedule to have them done.

~Both of you should make an appointment for a complete physical and blood test.

~Arrange for transportation for the wedding party to the ceremony and reception.

~Make lodging reservations for members of wedding party or guests from out of town.

~Order attire for groom, best man, ushers and father.

2 Months Before:

~ Mail invitations.

~Purchase anything you might need for honeymoon (clothes, etc.).

~Make sure all necessary documents are in order-legal, medical and religious.

~Have formal wedding portrait taken.

~Complete final fittings. Purchase any needed items for attire.

~Finalize menu plans.

~Keep a detailed list of all guests who R.S.V.P. Record gift received and write thank-you notes as they arrive.

~Open new bank account.

~ Ceremony details: Choose where and when guests should sign in; how to handle traffic at ceremony and reception sites; arrange for a place for the wedding party to dress; arrange seating for bridal and parents’ tables; make place cards; purchase any special decorative items needed (e.g. candles, doilies); give a written detailed schedule of the wedding day events to your wedding party and service providers. If you plan a receiving line, decide when and where the line will be formed; determine ceremony and reception seating;determine need for baby-sitting services during ceremony/reception, etc.

~Notify wedding party of rehearsal dinner day, time and location.

~Plan a bridesmaid lunch or dinner; groom should check on arrangements for bachelor party.

~confirm all arrangements (date, cost delivery, etc.) with caterer, bakery,photographer/videographer, apparel shop/seamstress, florist, music, officiating authority, rentals, etc.).

~Make hairstyle and makeup appointments (Check on how much time to allow for procedure and be sure to include travel time).

~Try new hairstyles you’re considering.

~Get marriage license.

~Make arrangements to have belonging moved to new home.

1 Month Before:

~ If you’re planning to place your wedding photo and announcement in the Patriot-News, forms are available at any of the offices. Or call 717.255.8414, 717.255.8119 or 1.800.692.7207. Forms also can be downloaded at

~Confirm honeymoon arrangements.

~Arrange to display gifts.

~Final consultation with photographer, videographer, DJ or band.

~Make arrangements to change name and address, if necessary, with financial institutions, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, insurance companies,credit cards, Social Security Administration, employer, etc.

~ Make an emergency contact sheet for your wedding day. Keep the list of names and phone numbers of all your vendors in your purse. Give a copy to the groom, maid of honor and best man.

1 to 2 Weeks Before:

The Hotel HERSHEY Fountain Lobby

The Hotel Hershey ~~~ The Fountain Lobby  Hershey Pennsylvania

~Make sure you have all honeymoon clothing and accessories ready to be packed(dry-cleaned, if necessary).

~Check your luggage to make sure it is in good condition,

~Pack for honeymoon.

~Finalize all arrangements and services.

~Pick up and wrap gifts for bridal party.

~Make a list of the wedding ensemble.

~Pick up apparel and make sure it fits.

~Arrange for the post office to hold mail while you are on your honeymoon.

Week Before:

~ Put suitcases in car.

~ Give the best man checks for the officiating authority.

~Choose someone to be responsible for bringing accessories to the ceremony,including ring pillow, flower basket, guest book and pen, toasting glasses,cake-cutting knife, etc.

~Choose someone to return all rental items (cake pillars, tuxedos, etc.)

~Review schedule of events with the wedding party.

~Have rehearsal and dinner.

~Pick up tuxedos.

~Keep up on thank-you notes.

Day Before:

~Give the groom’s ring to the maid of honey. Give the bride’s ring to the best man.

~Arrange to pick up items that will not be delivered.

~Remind the best man to confirm last minute arrangement with the officiating authority.

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